Tuesday, January 25, 2011


So far I have done about 5000km and the pads has fully bedded in.  How is it so far?  So far so good.  No more brake judder or vibration coming from the brakes.

Performance of the Bendix General CT for me has been good. Brake dust has been low and was easy to clean.  Braking performance has been good.  But I did notice that the pads just needs a little temperature to really to be at 100%.  Long highway drives tend to cool the pad down a bit and upon application the pad is still good but not as good as when it has a little more heat in them.  

Personally I think this pad is a very good OE replacement suited to normal city driving, stop and go, 1 to 3 times high speed stops with a small cool down period in between each stop or slow down.  I have tried the pads from 160KM/H and it works well.

The pads are also kind on the disc as well.  The rotor looks shiny and is reasonably smooth as well.

Down side of the pad is that I have noticed a very high pitched squeal at very low speeds with very light brake pedal application and only at a certain pressure, any more pressure or any less pressure the sound is not there.  But I did notice that on a very hot day and when the pads are hot the squeal disappears.  But also please note that when installing the pads I just installed them with the standard backing plates but I did not use any brake paste.  So I will try some Wurth Brake Paste when I get some to see if it still squeals.

I noticed that the pads also starts to show signs of decreased performance when driving down a fast down hill section with many turns in a spirited way.  On the 4th brake application I started to feel about a 10-15% drop in efficiency in the initial bite of the pad.  

So in conclusion great OE replacement at a very reasonable price with good general performance which was what the pads were designed for.  Highly recommended as an OE replacement minus away the spirited driving then you will be fine.  If you drive fast and hard for an extended period of time and you require more initial bite, this pad is not for you.  That was not what it was designed for so use the pads for what it was designed for and you will not be disappointed.

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