Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Hi, I'm back again.  So what's new?  I'll be trying out Duragloss's range of products.  Why?  Nothing to do, too free, hand itchy.  Just love to play with something new maybe?  Duragloss will go on trial as soon as I get my hands on them.


It will be used on my Nissan A32 Cefiro/Maxima (in other parts of the world).  Its solid white with original factory paint and the car is going on 14years this year.  Mileage of the car is about 243,000km.  The paint is getting thin in areas but its my daily driven car and has served me well.  This is also my Guinea pig car for me to test all sorts of car detailing products.

I may have mentioned this earlier in my other postings, but I'll say it again.  I'm not loyal to any product and I will try almost any product.  From all my experience and from the evidence that my car still has its original paint for 14 years will sort of confirm that any product will work to protect your paint.  So long as you are willing to maintain the layer of protection you have put on your car.

So may it be a polymer sealant, wax, acrylic, Titanium dioxide, quartz, nano based, water based, solvent based, whatever you name it.  Most of them work to protect the paint.  Its just a matter of maintenance of the protective layer and whether the protective layer gets stained and dirty or etched through.

So why try Duragloss.  No particular reason.  Just curious to see how it works and how it stacks up to the other products I have tried.  I'm also running out of my old sealant so why not try something else which is new to me.

Duragloss products that will be applied to the car and the car will go through about 1000KM a week come rain or shine.  It will be mostly highway driving.  9am-6.30pm the car will be parked in an open area where the car will experience 100% rain and 100% sunshine or what ever weather it will be on that particular day.

The car will only be washed maximum once a week or even once in 2 weeks depending on how busy I am.

So I think we will give very harsh conditions for Duragloss.


1. Duragloss DG 601 Paint Bonding Agent (PBA)

2.  Duragloss DG 105  Total Performance Polish (TPP)

3.  Duragloss DG 951  Aquawax (AW)

4.  Duragloss DG 2930 Track Claw (TC)


I only have very little time so I will do the following:

1. Wash car

2.  Paint clean (Polish/Clay)

3.  Rinse Car

4.  Apply Duragloss products.


Currently the car has Klasse High Gloss Sealant.  Applied on 1/01/2011 and applied 2nd coat on 2/01/2011.  Car has not been washed since its application of the coating.

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