Sunday, January 9, 2011


Hi all,  I just received my products from Duragloss.  Just to recap these are the products I bought.

1. Duragloss DG 601 Paint Bonding Agent (PBA)

2.  Duragloss DG 105  Total Performance Polish (TPP)

3.  Duragloss DG 951  Aquawax (AW)

4.  Duragloss DG 2930 Track Claw (TC)


I washed the car and after washing I decided to use Osren Crystal Cut 3.0.  Why?  Basically I wanted to remove the of sealant which was Klasse High Gloss Sealant.  At the same time it cleans and polishes the paint.  I didn't want to use any All In One (AIO) products because I wanted a "clean surface" so I can see what Duragloss 601 + 105 will look like and perform.

After polishing the car with Osren Crystal Cut 3.0 I washed the car again, this time with a strong detergent to make sure all polishing oils and what not is no longer on the paint. 


Now with a nice clean surface I started to apply DG 601 PBA.  Its easy to apply.  Just apply a thin even coat let haze.  Then I applied DG 105 TPP.  This was also easy to apply and I did it with thin even layers and let dry to haze.  The weather was good on the day, slightly cloudy with a little bit of sun shine.  Almost perfect weather for detailing. I then rolled the car out into the sun to dry and "bake" for about 15min.  It was't hot blistering sun, the paint was just cool to only body temp warm.  

After about an hour later I started to buff off the DG 105.  Guess what it dried hard and wasn't easy to buff off.  How hard was it to buff off?  If anybody has ever used Klasse High Gloss Sealant and applied a little to thick in some areas and let it dry and tried to buff it off, DG 105 is not as hard to buff off as Klasse HGS but its close.  I did some searching over the internet and have found that some say that its acrylic polymer.  Is it true?  Maybe.  Could it be possible?  Yes.  It sure was very similar to remove like Klasse's acrylic based HGS.  So those who know, please confirm what is DG 105 TPP based on.

I found that after removing DG 105 TPP with a cotton based cloth it is necessary to finish removing all haze using a good clean micro fiber cloth.  What do I mean by clean micro fiber?  Either a new or a freshly washed and cleaned micro fiber with no contaminants.  Then when you start to buff the paint with the micro fiber you can see that the haze being completely removed leaving a clean shining look.  


Well the look of DG 105 is clear, hard and strile.  On my white car with 14year old paint.  It has that hard look like Klasse HGS.  People say it has a "wet look"  but to be fair I can't really say until I try it on a darker coloured car.  But it definitely doesn't have the look of carnauba wax.  For me I'm fine with clear, hard, sterile shining look on my car.  This I guess is a very personal thing.

Feeling of the DG105 is smooth and slick.  But it doesn't have that carnauba feel.  It has a very "polymer sealant" sort of feel for you who knows what that feels like.  Running my fingers across the paint I can feel that there are still some spot which has not completely dried.  You can feel the dried spots are "hard and smooth" and the other undried parts "wet and smooth"  wet meaning that it feels like you have just applied a layer or carnuaba where its smooth, soft and has a wax feel to it.  

So the next day after about 19hrs of drying and curing DG105 feels hard, dry, smooth and slick.  Some people say that it looks better the next day.  Well I might agree with them. I think it might be more psychological than anything else. 


Will test this setup for a while and see how DG 105 stands up to regular everyday abuse and will post updates on this setup.  Then I will move on to DG 105 with Duragloss DG 951 Aquawax (AW) after every wash.  Then I will move on to DG 105 which will be topped off with DG 2930 Track Claw.

Here are some pictures.


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