Saturday, January 15, 2011


It has been a week since I applied Duragloss DG 601 PBA and DG 105 TPP.  The car was driven for an average of 900km.  In the 900km it has gone through rain, sunshine, baked in the sun and rain then baked in the  sun finally parked the car and had paint over spray settle on the car making the car feel like sand paper.


Earlier in the week after driving back from work which was a 90km highway journey it rain and created black streaks on the car.  After having dinner I decided to give the car a rinse to see if the black stains would stick to the paint.  The procedure that I used, I would not recommend to people as it can possibly damage your paint/clear coat by either scratching it or creating swirls.  I did it just to see how well DG 105 works and the paint is 14 yeras old so and I don't really care about swirls and scratches more over its white and its not easy to see.  Please DO NOT follow the following procedure.  Its just for testing purposes and I don't really care about my paint.  Always use car shampoo as it lifts the dirt away with surfactants and lubricants to prevent scratches and swirls when washing.

What I did after dinner was to use water and a sponge to see if the dirt and the black streaks would come off the car or it did the dirt and black streaks stain the car.  As I was hosing the car down with water and a sponge the dirt was easily removed but most of all the black streaks did not stain the paint and was totally removed just by water.

I was amazed at the DG 105 as other sealant that I tried have would have stained.  After drying the car it was clean and shiny again.

2 days later it rained again and had the usual dirt and black streaks again.  So after dinner I did the same again and the dirt and streaks just came off with water.  Really amazing.


In between the first and the second rinse if the car with water, the car was subject to paint over spray.  For those who do not know what it is, it basically one of those things you don't want stuck to your car.  So what is it?  Its basically atomized automotive paint flying in the air, landing and sticking to you paint.  How do you know you have paint over spray stuck to your car?  Just run your hands across the paint and it will feel like sand paper.  Really rough.  When I felt that on my car I said to my self OH CRAP!  Cause people who has ever got over spray stuck on to their car will know how difficult it is to remove.

I noticed the over spray on the car when I got back home from work which gave the over spray about  12 hours to stick on the car.  In the 12hrs the car was sitting in the sun accumulating the over spray.

Again, PLEASE DO NOT DO AS I DID as it will scratch and create swirls on the car.  I did it for testing purposes.

I just took a 100% cotton loop cloth and just wiped the car.  I was amazed that all the over spray just came off. Another amazing feat by DG105.

The paint used was blue in color, but there wasn't enough of the over spray to see it but it can definitely be felt on the car.  How do I know the color of the over spray?  Cause there were trucks chassis being sprayed blue in color just near my car.  How near?  About 50+ meters away.


All this protection was possible with only 1 coat of Duragloss DG 601 Paint Bonding Agent and 1 coat of Duragloss DG 105 Total Performance Polish provided that paint was properly prepared before DG 601 and DG 105 is applied.  Really amazing protection for only 1 coat.  This seems to back up statements made in other forums which I have found where they said that you only need 1 coat of DG105 and this was when forumers asked Duragloss in the US.

All in All I would highly recommend Duragloss for people who have white colored cars and are looking for protection along with great looks for their car's paint.


Its Saturday and it was last Sunday since DG 105 was appiled on the car.  Here I have photos of black streaks on my car after wash and second coat of DG 105.  Why did I decide to have a second coat of DG 105.

First reason was to make have another coat of DG 105 done the correct way, which is not to bake it in the sun before the haze was removed.  Secondly to see how it looks with a second coat.  Many forums which I have researched said that the car looks better with a second coat.


Here are some black stains taken today.  The stains are a day old with DG 105 being about 1 week old after going through two water and sponge rinse, two different occasions of black streaks and the over spray incident in the week.  So these photos is the third time within the week the paint had black streaks.

 So today is the first time I'm using a car shampoo to wash the car and all the dirt and black streaks just came off.  Below are pictures after a wash with shampoo.


So after the wash with shampoo I applied the 2nd coat of DG 105 (TPP).

I applied DG 601 Paint Bonding Agent (PBA) first before DG 105.  Why?  Because I baked my first coat in the sun without buffing away the haze before I baked and that might have cause the slightly difficult removal of DG 105.

So this time I applied DG 601 (PBA), then allow to haze then applied DG 105 and allowed to dry to a haze before I buffed it with out baking it in the sun.  So was removal easier without baking it in the sun?  Yes it was easier.  In general it was easier to remove DG 105 without baking it in the sun.  But the places where I layered it slightly thick, it was abit difficult to removed but not much.  Therefore it is not advised to bake DG 105 in the sun before removal of the haze and try to apply thin even layers if possible.


Here are some photos of DG 105 streaking which I was talking about in previous posts.  This is a very common phenomena I find with many products and not with only DG 105.  But no worries cause its easy to get rid of.  It looks like unremoved haze from the photos but its actually some sort of oil.

So to remove it.  All you have to do is to get a clean good quality micro fiber cloth and buff the whole car.  Here are some pictures after buffing the 2nd coat of DG 105.

The pictures are a little dark today as its going to rain.  I think Duragloss has done a good job to bring out the shine considering the paint is 14 years old.


Next week I think I will put on another coat of DG105 using a a rotary buffer with a finishing sponge.  Why?  Just want to find out how DG 105 will react using a machine.  Then after DG 105 I will put a layer of DG 951 (AW) Aquawax on.  Then after it will be Track Claw on test.


  1. nice on white and good protection as u shown. I think its normal to hv a bit of transparent oil streaking.. maybe due to our climate or ??

    But I think it shd be gone after next car wash..

  2. Anonymous, yes, its very normal to have some transparent oil streaking but a good microfiber solved my problem, so no big deal.