Friday, February 25, 2011


Here's another update on Duragloss's Products.  This time I'll be reviewing Duragloss Track Claw Racing Polish 2930 which has Fluropolymers in it.  Duragloss claims that it reduces dust pick up and lowers coefficient of drag.


After driving the maroon Civic with the Duragloss Aquawax 951 and Duragloss 105 TPP layering combo I wash the car and decided to try out the Duragloss Track Claw Racing Polish 2930.  After washing and drying I applied Track Claw to the whole car and allow the car to haze for about 1hour.  Application was easy like Duragloss's other products.  Spreads easily and well.

After letting it dry and haze for about an hour if buffed the car.  This is where I was surprised by Duragloss's Track Claw Racing Polish.  It was so easy to buff the haze away.  Really no buffing, it jwas just a wipe across the surface with very little pressure and the haze wash removed and the shine revealed.  Most other products you would require a little pressure buff and remove the haze but not the Track Claw Racing Polish.

After removing the haze I took a clean mircofiber and started to buff the paint and to make sure I didn't miss any parts.  The shine was just amazing.  It actually changed the look of the car slightly.  With the layering of Aquawax 951 and TPP 105 it made the car look deep, wet, slightly warm and shiny.  But with Duragloss Track Claw Racing Polish 2930, it was still deep, wet and shiny but slightly less as it has changed to slightly harder look and more reflective and mirror like.  Personally I really like this look.

Many synthetic sealants can make a car look hard and shiny which lacks depth and clarity of reflection.  But what I have on the car now is just the right balance of depth, shine and clarity of reflection.  Honestly I don't know the effect I got can be had with Duragloss Track Claw Racing Polish if applied alone.  My effect could be caused by the the layering of Aquawax and TPP 105 with Track Claw on top.  In any case you might want to experiment on the combination.

The feel of the Duragloss Track Claw Racing Polish 2930 is very smooth and slick much more than the other Duragloss products.  The cloth just glides over the paint effortlessly at the same time removing the haze.

The only problem which I had with Duragloss Track Claw Racing Polish 2930 was with water marks.  This is not the fault of the product but the fault of the user.  What I mean is, while I was applying Duragloss Track Claw Racing Polish 2930 the car wasn't 100% dry.  There was small amounts of water here and there in the nooks and crevices.  So this water was mixed and spread with Duragloss Track Claw Racing Polish 2930 and was left to dry and haze.  So when I wiped the haze away there were water marks and I tried to buff it away but couldn't even with slight pressure with a clean microfiber.  So what I did was to use some Duragloss Track Claw Racing Polish 2930 on the water spots and it came off.

Moral of the story is, make sure your car is fully dry before applying Duragloss Track Claw Racing Polish 2930. Here is a picture of what I talking about.

 In conclusion Duragloss Track Claw Racing Polish 2930, the best way to describe it is that its a very good product which really gives a clear, crisp and reflective shine which is easy to apply and extremely easy to remove.  Just a great product all in all.  Here are some pictures for comparison.

Duragloss AW 951 + TPP 105

Duragloss Track Claw Racing Polish 2930
From the photos you can clearly see that the Duragloss Track Claw Racing Polish 2930 has more of a mirror shine as can be seen by the detail of the pillar reflection on the bonnet.  You can see the textured surface of the pillar reflected off the paint.  The picture resolution on the Track Claw is only 563KB and the the other picture is about 1MB.

More picture of Duragloss Track Claw Racing Polish 2930 below.

Another Great product from Duragloss.


  1. how can withstand washing? How long do?

  2. Depends on which country you are in. Also depends on where the car is parked and whether the car is used often or not. In malaysia where I live can wash the car once a week, the car is driven daily and parked under the shade most of the time. But other parts in malaysia you need to wash every 3-4 days if your car is black colour and you don't want water spots. In Australia/USA you can go longer without a wash. So its very hard to say and give a general answer.